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Student Email Accounts

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NPC provides all registered students with an NPC student email account through Gmail, which is the official method of communication between the college and students. The first time you register for classes, you will be given a student data sheet that lists the classes you are registered for at NPC. On the bottom left of this sheet you will see "NPC Username" (not the MyNPC username) this is the username for your NPC student email account through Google. Your first-time login password will be your birth-date in the format of dd-Mmm-yy. Example: 05-Mar-90 (include the dashes, cap the first letter of the month).

Go to http://web.mail.npc.edu. Be sure to bookmark this login page so you'll be able to find it quickly next time. You will be instructed to change your password the first time you login from the default password given to you at registration.

  • If you have any problems with student email, contact the NPC Support Center at (800) 266-7845, ext. 7447 or send them an email.